Sunday, November 19, 2006

New Home, New Blog

Ok, so Luke set a blog up on here a couple of years ago, to talk about the wedding, but we never posted. I've decided to create a new blog, so that friends and family can keep up with us now that we've moved.

We tried for such a long time to leave Waco...thought it would never happen. It has, finally, and I'm beginning to realize that Waco really wasn't that bad at all. All of my friends are there, my sister is there, our church is there.... No traffic there.... Austin has: no friends, no family, and LOTS of traffic. We're really enjoying our time here, and I think I'll really fall in love with this city, but right now I'm lonely. We just need to find a church and get involved.

Luke's new job is going well, and I'm still working for Curves corporate, but from home. I love being at home! I can do my work any time of the's usually done over breakfast in my pajamas. Molly, the dog, loves the new place as well - she has a yard to dig up and two stories to run around in. Her favorite activity is sleeping in a camping chair outside. She'll stay out all day long, and prefers to sleep in the patch of sunlight that's barely bigger than she is, rather than stretch out somewhere in the shade. I've started noticing that I talk about the dog like some people talk about their kids, but, she's my only source of entertainment throughout the day, so those are the only stories I have.

We'll try and post some pictures soon. I did good just to find this site again, but I definitely need Luke to teach me how to put pics online.