Sunday, November 28, 2010


Every year I feel like the first 3 weeks of November just drag, until you get to Thanksgiving (finally!), but when you go on a trip and then immediately come down with a virus that almost cancels Thanksgiving, the weeks just fly by.

I flew up to NYC to visit some friends mid-November, leaving Avery in the capable hands of her daddy and Nana. It was so wonderful being back in my favorite city, but it was interesting to see my ideas about it change over the course of four days. I still miss it, but more in a nostalgia way, not a homesick-want-to-move-back kind of way. This was huge in helping me work towards contentment with where I am these days. I loved my role as mom, but there were some days where I felt like I had left something behind, like I was missing out on a path not taken, due 1. to my own decisions to move back to Texas and 2. surprise pregnancy with Avery. But, being away for a few days gave me new perspective, helping me to see that I'm exactly where I should be, that I missed my life going on back home without me, and that I daily choose to embrace joyfully this calling to be Mom. Through God's grace I make it everyday. For awhile I bought into the lie that I can do it all (keep the pastry career going + be the #1 mom). But every minute I spent in the kitchen baking for someone else was time away from Aves. This became frustrating for both me and her. So I just quit baking, and kept wishing I could do it. But, again, the mind-shift happened. I started seeing that this is the time to nurture and shepherd my daughter. Perhaps I'll pick baking up again in the future, when kids are in school. Who knows. For now, I am content with where God has graciously delivered me.

Some highlights from my trip:
1. eating non-stop for 4 days
2. walking non-stop to work off those calories
3. No. 1 and No. 2 are my top two things I miss about the city
4. fall color had reached its peak in the city - Central Park was GORGEOUS
5. 60 degree weather and not a cloud in the sky until the day I flew out, which meant perfect exploring weather
6. eating at Hummus Place twice - I talk about this restaurant all the time, and if anyone goes to the city, it's the one place I recommend. If you go, make sure to ask for the spicy sauce and pickles on the side. They're free, but you have to ask for them.
7. catching up with old friends (really, this should be number 1 on the list!)
8. having drinks in an old apartment (now a bar) INSIDE of Grand Central Station...who knew?!
9. walking the new High Line installment on the west side of Manhattan - this was built after we moved back to Texas
10. checking out Eataly - we didn't make a reservation, so we didn't get to eat here, but the market is insane
11. Central Park Zoo - too cute!
12. Museum of Natural History - very cool, but I still struggle to love museums. I get bored.
13. FPB - Francoise Payard Bakery. The best almond/chocolate croissant, and I want their kitchen.
14. food, food, and more food. It's all we did.
Kathryn and me, Central Park, Day 1 of our adventures together

And, because this is just easier, a link to the pictures from my trip.

Monday, November 01, 2010


I forgot to add these pics yesterday of her cute "kiki" outfit.