Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The School Report

Avery had her first day of Pre-K today. Insert all the cliches here about how fast time has flown by. Backing up a bit, we had meet the teacher last week along with parent orientation - two different days, two visits to the classroom, and just enough time to make Avery excited. Her teacher took her picture to put on the bulletin board in the classroom, and of course our daughter struck a pose.

She slept in this morning, of all mornings, but I planned ahead and was all ready to go so we wouldn't be rushing. Into the dress we picked out the night before, a fight over the shorts she had to wear under it and the shoes to go with it, into a ponytail because she wanted to be "pretty" and talked her out of wearing jewelry (that she would only lose later at school) because she wanted to be "even prettier". I don't think she gets this girly side from me. It must be from one of her aunts.
showing off her new backpack, courtesy of Nana

Drop-off consisted of Eleanor and I escorting her to the classroom, where she promptly ran in when the door opened, did a twirl of happiness, and sat down at a table (per Mrs. P's instruction), quickly finding some busywork to do. She didn't even give me a second glance as she yelled back, "I love you too!"

Only a couple tears were shed in the privacy of the car. I'm quite proud of myself.

Eleanor and I killed some time at Target and then back home for play and housework until pick-up time. I peeked in the door to see Avery and another girl chatting away happily, ready to go with her backpack on. She seemed happy to see me, but not overly relieved like it had been a rough day, so yay! I'm so thankful for a chatty daughter, because I got the full scoop on the way to the car and all the way back home.

She is now friends with all of the kids in her class! But she can't remember any of their names. They played with the toys. She used the potty once and she "didn't have an accident in [her] dress."

They read books, "a Max and Ruby book! And one I've never seen before about washing our hands! And then a book about a dog that goes to school. It was a very short book." They apparently had a very short lunch time (??) so she needed to finish lunch at home, but Avery likes to dawdle, so I'm wondering if perhaps she was talking too much and eating too little. The lunch report: she forgot to eat her banana bread (her special treat today), didn't have time for her sandwich, but ate some of her grapes and ALL of her baby carrots.

You guys. She ate ALL of her CARROTS. SIX of them!! Voluntarily! "Hey, maybe I like carrots now." I mostly put those in for looks, you know - the "healthy" lunch. Really thought I'd be seeing those again at the end of the day.

One boy didn't share with her, even when she asked him nicely if she could have a turn when he was finished, "but he wasn't finished, and then it was lunchtime!! (cry)" And the big downer of the day - she sobbed the rest of the way home because they didn't get to play on the playground. It was too hot, so they skipped, but she had been looking forward to it the most, I think. "I'm so disappointed!"

And now, she's napping. Must have worn her out.