Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bumpdate, Weeks 26-30



I feel enormous. The pics don't make me look as big as I feel (shh, don't tell me if I'm wrong), so I guess I've got room for this belly to grow, but oh, that scares me. I always have popped early, and I tend to carry straight out, but this time I fear I might topple over by halfway through my last trimester.

I also love the comments people give, and they are on the exact opposite ends of the spectrum. Either I am "tiny" and "look awesome" (I LOVE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE) or I get "how are you still walking?" and "Wow, you're only ... weeks? You have SUCH a long way to go." (I DON'T LOVE ALL OF THESE COMMENTS, BUT I STILL LOVE (MOST OF) THESE PEOPLE)

It'll only get better from here.

I feel great, honestly. My back hurts a bit first thing in the morning and again at the end of the day, but it's been a good couple of months otherwise. Still more tired than my last pregnancies, but this is partly due to keeping up with more children. And I'm older.

This baby is still very wiggly, which is so fun. Unless I'm driving, because then he or she finds a way to press both up and down at the same time, making it really difficult to breathe. My stomach does all sorts of waves and the girls (mostly Avery) got to feel the baby for the first time. It's hard for them to be patient to wait for the kicks, but now that Avery has felt the baby, she loves to sit and wait for it. She'll rest her head on my belly sometimes just to show it some love. So sweet.

Still enjoying not knowing the gender, though I have a strong suspicion one way. Both girls think the baby is a boy, and Avery still REALLY wants a brother. I hope she doesn't cry if the baby is a girl.

Avery has become my photographer for most of these pics. She's pretty good! Better than her daddy sometimes.

I started noticing hiccups during week 29, which is cute the first time. And then...

My lungs no longer expand fully, which means by the end of the day, when I'm full, it's really hard to breathe when I lay down. It takes me forever to get comfortable and fall asleep, but once I do, I'm usually good for the night, which is a huge blessing. Not experiencing as much insomnia as in previous pregnancies.

I always seem to be pregnant during Girl Scout cookie season. I've had to avoid making eye-contact with the Girl Scouts in order to not cave and buy 6 boxes. So far, so good. I've bought zero boxes in an effort to keep my low-sugar diet on track. I have the occasional treat, but those cookies would totally do me in.

10 Weeks to Go!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

One Little Word 2014

This will be my fourth year to pick one little word to exemplify what I hope for that year. I'm learning that it's often something that I'm lacking, something I hope to see more of in my life, as opposed to something I'm already good at. At the end of each preceding year, I spend some time reflecting and praying for God to help me see my word, to help me see what needs to be addressed in my life (sins, misplaced hopes, etc). He always delivers, which can sometimes be hard, because who wants their weakness and sins exposed?! It isn't all-encompassing at times, because God isn't put into a box and doesn't only work on one aspect of my character each year. Yet, the word does dip into every area of my life.

For 2014, it's DELIGHT.

I always try to pair a verse with the word: "Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart."

I'm no theologian, so feel free to correct my interpretation of this verse, but it seems to me that we don't delight in the Lord so that he will gives us our heart's desires, but that in the process of delighting in him (truly delighting, enjoying, seeking Him), He molds and shapes our hearts so that our desires match the will He has already set out for us.

This brings back last year's word of JOY. Living with a heart of gratitude for His particular care in our lives. Joy doesn't equate happiness, necessarily, but a deep-seated contentment in the One who cares for us and in the events he brings our way, knowing that He is working our good out, even if our good is not the easy and happy that we long for. We can choose to be joyful even when it hurts. Therefore, we can also choose to delight, even when the days are long and the kids are whiny and you feel like you are beaten down and worn out.

Because, let's face it, as mothers of young children, we are in the trenches. Our days can utterly suck, but at the end of the day, we can't help but recount the tiny moments that did delight us. The funny thing the four-year-old said, and the crazy mess that the two-year-old got into that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time. The way the older helped the younger with a task, without your prompting her to do so. Sweet little gifts that show us that God is working in their young hearts as well.

So, this year I choose to delight in Him, and I choose to delight in the day-to-day moments that He brings my way. I will stop and take a deep breath and laugh more and yell less. I will put aside the phone and engage with my children, delighting in their silly antics. I won't do this perfectly, but by His grace, may December of 2014 look better than January.

See previous years here: 2011 (and again), 2012, and 2013.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photo Dump

practicing her trumpet-playing skills with wrapping paper

mopping day makes for new playscapes for Eleanor. She worked her way down the whole row of stools and back again.
I think she likes donuts.
This girl ADORES stickers. No wall or piece of furniture is safe. And she still falls asleep with a bed full of toys and the lights on. 

A gag cake (well, real cake that was really delicious) for one of the pastors at church during staff meeting. Made by moi.

9 weeks and 28 weeks along. More cousins!

Goofing around at dinner one night. Mommy had a craving for Kerbey Lane pancakes. 

As my sister-in-law so aptly put it - "She's not afraid of a pattern." We've been letting her pick out her own clothes in an effort to reinforce her efforts to get dressed by herself.

Eleanor had her first haircut. She left the salon with a sassy new bob and a lollipop. Only a few tears, thankfully. 

Big sister getting a trim. Can't even tell a difference, but it helped her get over her fear of the hair salon.

A junk food treat, because we all needed out of the house. 

Avery's tall tower (I think she said it was a diving board), with an Eleanor photobomb.

Eleanor's first bubble bath.

gorgeous weather this January. Lots of outside time.

practicing her princess dancing

Eleanor has been working on puzzles NONSTOP since Christmas. It's the first thing she asks to do every day.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Travels

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we had 4 trips, about one every week. Next year we're staying home, because this just While all of the extra time with extended family was wonderful, I'm ready to be home over the holidays with my own little crew and start our own traditions.

Christmas week was a busy one all by itself, back and forth for family pictures, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day festivities, and catching both sides of the family. I'll let the pictures tell the story this time, in no particular order.

Checking out Christmas lights before we left for the holidays. (And I have NO idea why my picture is flashing. Crazy Google.)

Riding her new bike from Nonnie. Though really, she's too short for it still and is just posing here. 

Christmas brunch and presents at Great-Grandma's

Great-Great-Uncle Dan helping Eleanor with her new tools. 

Avery could not wait to open presents. We went to so many different houses with presents that she woke up the day after Christmas asking which house we were going to next for presents. Sheesh. 

Avery and my gramma - love that they get to spend time together

My grandpa helping Eleanor with something...Easter eggs I think.

She was in such a grumpy mood, but snuggles from Pap-paw make everything better.

Checking out Avery's new desk. I love how excited Eleanor is over this!

Fighting over the chair.

"Udside down!"
Glad Eleanor is smiling here. Just wait til you see her a few pics down.

The mustache is terrible. So glad it's gone! (Sorry honey, I still love you tons!)

Luke's dad kept telling everyone to pose like a model and would show us how to do it. Glad the photographer caught this shot!

Eleanor. Oh sweet Eleanor. No nap and it was dinnertime.

All of the Presleys

Nana and Pap-paw with their grandkids. Eleanor is TICKED.