Thursday, August 07, 2008

We're Still Around!

It's been so long since I've updated the blog...apologies!! No new pics this time around but we'll have some good ones really soon, I promise. We're settled into the new house, and Mom came up yesterday to help organize a bit, since I was stumped on how to fit all of our furniture into what has become a smaller space than I thought. I'm such a packrat, so I really need to get rid of a lot! We've already donated 15 boxes of items to Goodwill, and I'm sorting through everything again, trying to find more to let go of. It's just so hard! I find sentimental value in everything. My sister and Luke can detach themselves from anything (except shoes and electronics, respectively), so they really don't suffer from the paper-pile-up syndrome. I'm hoping to surprise Luke with a whole new load of things to take to Goodwill tonight when he gets home from work.

We decided to find a house closer into town this time, and we absolutely love the area. It's a very quick trip to downtown (yay!) and it's an easy drive back up north if we want to head that way, and Luke can pick up the bus and take it most of the way to work, where he can get a 3 mile bike ride in from there, which he's attempting for the first time today. I made him wear his helmet, as much as he hates the way it looks!

Exciting news...I just got a job with the Four Seasons Hotel! I start next week, with orientation, but not sure what my schedule will be like beyond that. I'm very excited about it!