Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We took the girls "trick-or-reading" last night. Avery did NOT want to get into her "scares-scrow" costume at all and fought us on it, but the family all managed to convince her to put it on while I was off feeding Eleanor. Avery was a scarecrow in a tulle dress I made that was inspired by a Pinterest find, and Eleanor was a crow. I also made both of the girls' hats, and Eleanor sported a black shirt and black leggings. Without the beak, she would have looked like a little robber.

Avery was unsure about this whole walking-around-to-meet-strangers thing, until she realized they were going to give her candy. Now we have to teach her that she shouldn't take candy from strangers as a general rule! She was so polite, telling everyone "thank you" or at least "bye!", and she'd patiently wait her turn to get some candy from the bowl. I was a little worried that she'd have a meltdown because of the crowds or strangers or being up past her normal bedtime, but she had so much fun, and then she gorged on chocolate and "wollipops" back at Aunt Shell's house. The candy has now disappeared, and I think she's actually forgotten about it.

a little crow and a pretty scarecrow

Eleanor = not so happy. I don't think she likes her costume.

whoa! flash!

cutie Aunt Shell and baby Hank and Daisy Dog


headed home with a bag full of candy

home base, helping hand out candy

She wasted no time shoving that in her mouth

all the girls

Eleanor showing off her standing skills for Nonnie

Ooh a wollipop!