Friday, July 29, 2011

Scenes from the Week

It's been a slow week, but Avery's energy levels have been anything but that. The excitement of having Nonnie here for almost an entire week sent her into crazy mode, but it's been so entertaining to watch her bounce all over the place. I'm so thankful that she plays well by herself and can find just about anything to entertain her these days, since I can't do much with her unless she decides to slow down for a minute and let me read a book to her.

She did ask to "cuddle few minutes" before bed one night, and she snuggled right up next to me on the couch, with the request for "lots blankets". We said her bedtime prayers and then Nonnie tucked her into her bed for the night.

Speaking of beds - Avery has been in her big girl bed for about 2 weeks now, and we're still going strong! I didn't want to jinx it by talking about it, but she seems to be loving it. I know we may encounter problems when the newness wears off. We started slowly, and if she requested her crib instead, we let her switch. The last thing we wanted was to traumatize her, so we didn't force the issue. But, after a couple nights, she requested the BGB every time. We kept her in her crib for naptime for a week, because we don't mess with naps in this house. They are sacred. But, she's been napping in her BGB for the past few days and has done really well - still getting 2.5 to 3 hours per nap! Nonnie picked up a step-stool for her so I won't have to lift her in and out (this bed is TALL), and she loves to climb up into bed all by herself. We move the stool so she doesn't let herself out in the middle of the night. Although, she did randomly fall out of bed at 5 am two nights ago, completely unhurt and only crying because she wasn't sleeping anymore and wanted back in bed. We still aren't sure how she got out, with the rails up and pillows all around.

Nonnie left last night, Luke is working from home today and will be home all weekend, and then his mom is coming next week, Monday through Thursday, to take care of us. We are so grateful for family who is able to come and entertain us and clean for us and feed us. My mom informed me that feeding me 6 times a day is a full-time job. She was such a huge help all week, and I was really sad to see her go.

Avery fills her time with music, some Dora or Caillou or VeggieTales, going through her flashcards, reading to herself, playing with her baby dolls (they get a lot of naps and swing-time), and last night she took her bear for a walk to the mailbox in the doll stroller. She also has started stacking blocks and plays in her kitchen a lot, naming every food that goes into the shopping cart.
Baby wanted to eat a raisin. She seemed to have trouble swallowing it though.

Luke reported back that she had to go over the "bumpies" multiple times. They are her favorite part of our walks. 
She greets me every morning with "Good morning, Mommy!" and doesn't seem too upset that I can't get up and play with her. She does ask me, "Mommy, come in here please!" but doesn't cry when I can't and finds someone else to come play, or she'll bring the item to me instead. This morning when I moved to the couch, she layed her lovie on me, told me to have sweet dreams, and gave me a kiss. Oh, I love her!

When listing the items in her shopping cart, she would hand them off and name them, "cheese", "pepper", "garlic", "stuff" - ha! I guess she doesn't recognize all of the food items yet.

This morning the step-stool fell on her baby, which she didn't seem to notice until Luke walked into the room, and then she feigned real concern for the baby. "Oh no, baby, what happened? Poor baby." pat pat pat on the back, Thunk! went the head into the crib, the baby doll fell to the ground, and off Avery went to find something else to play with.
She stole my blankets.
She also has a couple favorite games - I Get You and More Tickles. She loves people to chase her saying, "I'm going to get you!" and then she wants to be tickled endlessly when they do get her. This morning she snuck up on her kitty, saying "Get you, get you, get you!" and then tickled that poor stuffed animal while laughing.

It's been a good week so far, with a couple more days of real restrictions, which I'll enjoy to the fullest. I like having people bring me food. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby P Update

We're home from my doctor appointment with some good news! I'm on bedrest through the weekend, which marks 34 weeks, and then some of my restrictions are being lifted next week. I'll be allowed to be up and moving more at home, drive myself to my doctor appointments, and run errands (if necessary). I'm still asked to take it easy and not lift much at all, but I don't have to maintain my perch on the couch all day anymore, which is fantastic. I can go back to the Bradley classes starting next week as well, with some modifications on some of the exercises. I know I'll be sticking close to home for the next few weeks regardless, just because it's hard to lift Avery in and out of shopping carts and into the car (she can climb, but it's a bit of a stretch for her sometimes).

The baby's heart beat was great, he/she is head down, my weight decreased thanks to that hospital stay (but not an alarming amount), and the bleeding has stopped. I don't have to worry about placenta previa either, since the placenta will continue to move upwards as the baby and uterus grows. I don't have to add any extra appointments in at this point, since I'm going every 2 weeks anyways, but if anything changes for the worse we'll be back there in a split second. I think all restrictions are lifted at 36 weeks, so just 4 days of complete rest, 2 more weeks after that of taking it easy, and then we'll see what happens! If this baby is already measuring at 5 lbs, I'm okay with him/her showing up a week or two early.

Thank you all for your prayers and offers to help us out! Please keep praying that we make it to term and that nothing changes for the worse. We'll keep updating every few days just so you know we haven't disappeared into the hospital.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm transferring updates to the blog now that we're home, so check back here regularly to see what's going on with Baby Presley.

A tiny background summary for those who are just finding out: I went into the hospital Saturday afternoon because I had started bleeding quite a bit, very unexpectedly. Our neighbor (who is on bedrest herself) came and sat with Avery while she napped until my brother-in-law could get over here, who sat until my parents arrived from out of town.

We were placed in triage for a few hours where they did some bloodwork, a lengthy ultrasound (including a physical on the baby, who passed with flying colors), some other exams, etc. Triage = tiny room and the world's most uncomfortable bed and too many people fluttering around you. We were moved into L&D for a couple hours before moving to our final room in antepartum, which is where the sick pregnant mommies go to hang out until they deliver or go home. While in triage, it was looking pretty likely that we'd have a baby in the next couple of days, by c-section, but thankfully everything slowed down, the results were good from all of the tests, and hope increased that this baby would stay in there longer.

They gave me a steroid shot around dinnertime, but I hadn't eaten anything since 1:30, and the shots tend to make your blood sugar skyrocket. I didn't get dinner until 10 pm Saturday night, so I had a really bad night with the shakes and a racing heart, but it settled down early morning and I was able to get a couple hours of sleep finally. The purpose of the shots is to mature the baby's lungs faster, in case the baby decided to come before 34 weeks. The goal is to get me to at least 34 weeks, though yesterday morning the midwife said I have a chance of going to term at this point, though it's still a day-by-day situation and things could change at any minute.

Last night's nurse was odd in a friendly, kooky way, but I would request her in a heartbeat if I needed another shot in my hiney. The steroid shots hurt like the dickens - long needle, lots of fluid going in, in a sensitive area. But, apparently, there is a "dime-sized spot that the good Lord created" (her exact words) that has the least amount of nerves, and she pegged it. Praise God! I didn't even notice the needle go in, not until she started pushing the fluid in. She told me that she'd been giving shots there since 1974, and she won a dart-throwing contest in South Korea when she was stationed there. Ha!

Sunday was a slow day overall, but we had a few visitors, including a delightful visit from Avery and my parents. It was so good to see Aves, though she was really nervous about me being in a hospital bed with a needle sticking out of my arm. They had just taken me off IV (praise!) but left a saline lock in place just in case. Avery also didn't like the nurse, because all nurses carry needles (it's true, they do), so as the nurse headed out, she yelled out "Bye, nurse! All done nurse!"

We got home around 10 pm last night, after my last steroid shot, another hour on the fetal monitor, and discharge papers.

The baby is doing so well, the bleeding is going away, and I feel good. I'm looking at an undecided amount of time on bedrest, and praying that it's weeks and not days, as un-fun as that sounds.

Our prayers right now are that the placenta continues to slow/stop it's bleeding (it's not placental abruption or placenta previa, though it is lying anterior and a bit low), the fluid levels are maintained and don't drop, the baby stays head down, the placenta decides to stay out of the way of my cervix so I can labor, and that Avery adjusts well to me not being able to do anything for her right now.

My mom is here this week, and Luke is working from home as much as possible. My in-laws are coming at the end of the week to relieve my mom for a few days, and then they'll trade off as needed/as they are able.

We're taking this a day at a time, praying that God would give us peace and would minimize the scares that could crop up with this situation. We're hopeful and thankful to be home, where life feels more normal.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Week 2.5 of Pregger-Betes

This is getting old. Quickly. Because I'm hungry. And because this diet is expensive. I spent $105 at the grocery store on Monday, and today Avery and I popped into HEB to pick up a "few" things, walking out spending another $70...five days after my original shopping trip. Now, granted, many of the items will last us until end of next week, so next Monday's trip should really just be meat and a few veggies.

I walk through the aisles, staring at all of the carbs that I can't have. I mosey down the ice cream aisle, chanting "7 more weeks, 7 more weeks". I do a sniff test at the bakery and dream of bagels and rolls and chocolate cake.

Speaking of cake - the admittance fee to the hospital to see our new precious child is chocolate cake, brownies, or a chocolate milkshake from Mighty Fine. No dessert, no viewing.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tea Party with Daddy

Daddy served up carrots and oranges with the tea

Avery liked it so much, that she decided to prepare food for Daddy next

However, she wasn't exactly original in her menu planning. Notice the carrots and oranges?

Uh-oh. Does the 5 second rule count?

Back in business... serve Daddy

but apple juice that you can actually drink is much much better
Thanks for the tea party Daddy!

Then and Now

Avery, 1 month

Avery, 27 months

Silly Girl

because all headbands are supposed to be worn like this

she discovered that things stick to the ac unit at the beach condo - this starfish was there for a couple hours

a daily look - sour cream is her favorite

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The results weren't good from the fasting glucose test - I now have gestational diabetes. But - I've heard from the midwife and the diabetes educator that my numbers are "beautiful" now that I'm following the GD diet, so I won't have to be put on any medicine to help my body do its thing. This diagnosis was a big blow for me mentally, since I've been on a low-sugar diet for so long (it's not the diet, it's the hormones and pancreatic function, but it's still depressing). At least I haven't been flooding the baby with unnecessary sugar before I knew about the GD, which is a bonus. The diet really isn't that different from what I've been doing, though I've cut back on all carbs more. The biggest difference for me is how regulated I have to be as to when I eat, and what combinations I have to make when I eat. I live by the clock now, which is hard because my schedule is so random these days.

At my appointment this morning, they even said that if my numbers continue to remain so great, I can cut back to checking my sugars twice a day, instead of four times a day. And, there's light at the end of the tunnel, because this will go away once I have the baby. However, I also have up to a 50% chance of developing Type II diabetes later in life, which, well, sucks.

The baby is measuring normally (the concern for GD babies is that they would be large), and I'm still on track to try for my VBAC, which is such a relief. The midwife said I shouldn't have any problem with it despite this diagnosis.

So, please pray that the baby stays small, my blood pressure remains normal, that I go into labor naturally near or on my due date (as opposed to after it, especially since they won't induce me b/c of the VBAC), and that labor progresses well and there aren't any complications throughout. Also, pray for a healthy baby with proper blood sugar levels at birth.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

30 Weeks (sans pic)

Again, lazy with the camera. Picture a large bump on the front of me. I'll get one taken eventually and post it.

But, I'm down to the last 10 weeks! This has been another easy pregnancy so far, and I was thinking today how I'm not as tired of pregnancy at this stage like I was with Avery - it must be that I'm home instead of working on my feet 10 hours a day. The baby is very active, and this morning around 6 am it was like a seizure occurred in my stomach and then all was quiet. Sometimes I can feel the baby stretching from opposite corners of my uterus, and yesterday it was more like a spread eagle in there - all four limbs seemed to stretch out at the same time, if that's possible. Right now as I'm typing the baby is wiggling a ton. It's such a blessing to see and feel this child move about inside of me.

I'm measuring right on target, the baby has thankfully shifted up a little bit so that I'm not feeling intense pressure, and my weight gain is better than I hoped it would be, meaning this low-sugar diet has worked. It's also made me fail my glucose test, and I had to go in for the awful 3 hour fasting glucose test. And, you don't fast for 3 fast for 10-12 prior, then you sit in the waiting room for the 3 hours following your first blood draw and that awful drink. I nearly passed out multiple times, and I had people coming up to me making sure I was okay. Random strangers had to check on me all morning, because I was the weird sweaty person in the corner about to fall out of her chair. I could sense that a lot of people didn't want to sit by me either - there was usually an open seat next to me at all times, even when the room filled up. There has GOT to be a better way to test for gestational diabetes, because this was just torture. And, I'm praying that I don't have GD, because wouldn't that just be the kicker? At least I'm used to the diet already! I think my main concern is having a big baby because of GD, which tends to happen, because the whole point of the low-sugar diet was to make a small baby for VBAC purposes.

Crazy pregnancy dreams are back. Or they could be stress related. Either way, int-er-esting.

Yogurt with grape-nuts is my new craving.

I walked to the grocery store this evening with Luke and Avery to pick up a redbox movie and some fruit. I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it back. I don't have pain usually, but my sciatic decided to flare up halfway. I officially waddle now too.

I can't stand and chat anymore...I have to sit all the time.

We're in Bradley classes and like them, but there are some kooky people in there! Our instructor also keeps telling us to eat something light during the early stages of labor, like pancakes. She ate a stack of 20 during one of her labors. Um, ew! Not light. Pancakes sit like a brick.

We're also scrambling to find babysitters for the rest of summer for Bradley classes, because our original babysitter is now on bedrest and our backup lives in the opposite direction, which makes for a very long evening. I'm praying we can find someone who can come to us!

I feel better about my pregnany body this time must be the summer tan that helps. Winter white plus an extra X amount of pounds doesn't equate to pretty in my mind.

Yes, EMU, I have pregnancy jorts. Simply because they don't have to be ironed and I don't have to think about them much...any shirt will match. Skirts and maxi dresses are my preferred wardrobe, but those shorts make a frequent appearance!

I think Avery is getting tired of "it's too hot" to do this or that, but when I'm running 10-15 degrees hotter than most people, 104 temps just aren't going to cut it for me. I'm so thankful that she can entertain herself for a long time indoors.

We picked up some new baby/big sister books at the library. They're cute, but nothing I'd highly recommend at this point.

Here's hoping that the last 10 weeks go by smoothly.

27 Months

I've become officially lazy with this blog, and taking pictures, and anything that requires any mental effort on my part these days. And I think I did my math right on how old Avery is today. Yikes, I'm becoming dumber by the second with this pregnancy.

Conversations with our girl have become quite entertaining these days. My mom watched Avery for a few hours yesterday, and we returned home to find out that Avery had informed her that the bear on the flash card had a spanking, a time out, and was now crying. She keeps repeating this to us, and we keep trying to find out why the bear is in such trouble. It's simply a picture of a teddy bear playing the violin with his eyes closed. Maybe she thinks he's sad.

She puts her baby dolls down for a nap and will cover them up with her lovey and tell them, "Sweet dreams, sleep tight baby." She checks on them repeatedly, so often that I wonder if those poor babies actually ever get a nap. Then she'll wake them up with "Hello, Sweets." She's copying me with the nickname, since I use that on her sometimes.

At the pool today, I dragged her into the main part with me, away from the safety of the steps. Screaming ensued, followed by "Don't. Like. It!!!" It took all of 30 seconds for her to start kicking her legs and having fun.

Sour cream and ketchup are still her main staples with each meal. I wish we could get away from them, but if it means other food makes it in her belly too, then I shouldn't worry so much.

She tries to negotiate, and she plays the parent card...if one parent says no, she'll turn to the other and ask the same question again. Thankfully we're on the same page and she gets denied both times, though rumor has it Daddy snuck her an extra piece of chocolate today.

She knows random shapes, like pentagon, but square and triangle are her favorite. She's starting to recognize letters and numbers but isn't consistent yet. Counting is all over the place most days, but once in awhile she'll surprise us and count a sequence of something properly.

If she hops in the shower with me, she sits down and asks for "market market", which means we have to play This Little Piggy. She touches each of my toes as I say the rhyme, but she goes so fast that I'm flying through it and barely get to Wee before she's onto the next foot.

I painted my toenails pink, and Avery has to declare the color of my toes every time she seems them.

She loves to flush the toilet for us. It's very weird. She'll also state what's in the toilet, something like this: "Just pee-pee." or "No poo-poo" or "Ewww, yucky." I've had to start locking her out at times, just for a minute of privacy. But, I also want her to get used to the toilet in hopes that she'll start using it.

We put her down at a friend's house one evening while we went to our childbirth class. When we picked her up, she sleepily told us, "Avery, don't touch fish." Her friend S has a beta fish in his room. Turns out she was remembering his request not to dump his fish food out again. Funny how that conversation was the first thing she thought of upon waking!

All balloons are high balloons, or hi balloons. We're not sure which.

She talks about characters from her favorite movies as if they were real, like Caillou or Junior from VeggieTales. She has conversations with us about them, usually about something they did in that episode. And, she frequently asks for something because they had it first, like juice or ice cream.

She fell out of a chair yesterday and Luke swooped her up. She bawled her eyes out and requested that they "cuddle 2 minutes". Sometimes she asks for this for comfort, like in this instance, and sometime it's simply a delay tactic before bedtime.

I asked her if she thought the baby is a baby boy or a baby girl sibling. She responded with baby boy immediately (which I think it is), but then stated that it was also a baby girl. No help from her!

We love you Avery Jane!