Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Musings

  • Just some random thoughts to document what's happening at home during this season.
  • This week my lovely mother-in-law is in town helping me get the nursery ready. We're painting a dresser and a cabinet, as well as the room, and if time allows, we'll tackle a couple nightstands for the master. Thankful that the weather is cooperating and it's not freezing outside.

  • My back - oh my aching back. 
Ha! That gets annoying after awhile, doesn't it?!
  • Eleanor has taken to pretending to be Curious George. We watched the Christmas movie a few times this season, and she, rather smartly, noticed that he wears mittens on his feet when he goes outside. One day she walked in with mittens on her own feet and announced that she was Curious George. I laugh every time she does this. 
  • I'm addicted to the Olympics. Ice skating has always been my favorite, since I grew up watching it with my grandmother. But, I've really gotten into men's snowboarding. Fascinating what they can do!
  • I'm in crunch time at work, getting everything ready for the rest of the semester of Sunday School before this baby comes, since I'll be out for the last month of it. Not stressful in the least. :)
  • I keep adding projects to my list of things to get done before the baby arrives, but with work, they keep getting pushed off. I'm sorry sweet baby! You'll get your own quilt one day. 
  • Avery will start kindergarten in the fall - eep! Where has the time gone? School choice has been made, and we're excited about it. 
  • I still have 3 more years with Eleanor, since her birthday is a week after the cut-off. Thankful for the extra time with her!
  • The baby is still nameless. We've been playing the name game very casually for months now, but we're having a hard time settling on something we like. It was easier to narrow down the boy choices, but the girl names are harder this time. 
  • Eleanor is talking up a storm now, repeating everything we say and quite well. It's like she sat back and watched for a really long time, and chose to start speaking only when she could do it in phrases and short sentences. 
  • My pregnancy dreams have been off the charts weird this week. Panic about my other children being hurt, weird body issues, all kinds of strange happenings.
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions are picking up. Never noticed them with Avery, and not until the last 2 weeks with Eleanor. 
  • My energy is lagging. I'm starting to get to the point of being tired of pregnancy. Not fully there, but I'm ready to meet this baby now (in 7 weeks! No early babies!).

Sunday, February 16, 2014

♥ Day

I will never throw these cards away. Good thing I took high school Spanish.


french toast with nutella

trying to show me her gift - she refused to pull it out and look at it

enjoying her special breakfast

set-up for heart day breakfast

For A's party at school - my mom's infamous sugar cookie recipe. 

I was *that* mom that sent the healthy valentine. 

My little baker, playing with the sugar cookie scraps. She likes to roll dough into teeny tiny balls.

Avery's valentine bag for her school party - yes, I "helped"