Monday, February 23, 2015

8 Months and 9.

 (I've been trying out an app for blogging from my iPad, and it's given me nothing but headaches. Found this in the drafts, when I thought it had published. I also have more pictures somewhere.)

Sweet Jack,
These two months have been good to us. Not enough sleep because you seem to enjoy hanging out with me a couple times in the night, every night, but those times are precious to me because when you're done nursing, you lay your soft fuzzy head on my shoulder for a second, and then you pop up to grin at me, pat my face, and give me kisses. So, we cuddle for a minute and then I lay you back in your bed.

You are finally loving solid foods, and you'll happily eat from a spoon or gnaw on something you're holding yourself. You love pears and bananas, mum-mums and puffs, most other purees, but you aren't a fan of oatmeal. You flap your arms when the mum-mums come out. Cups of water are merely toys still.

You started crawling shortly after 8 months and then immediately followed with pulling up to your knees and two days later pulling up to standing. You have 6 teeth now, your top two finally cutting through after weeks of swollen gums, and just yesterday your sixth one cut through without any warning. You have a snaggletooth on the bottom, quite noticeable since you are always grinning.

You are still the easiest and happiest baby I've ever known. You have started to lean over to me so I'll grab you from whomever is holding you at the moment. Your sisters are your biggest fans.

You started "talking" this week, saying mamama and bababa. You are officially my favorite child, because the girls both said dada first.

We think you're tops!