Sunday, October 28, 2007


Last weekend Luxe attended Maker Faire, which is a huge festival of creative types showing off their inventions and selling their wares. It was a bust for us though, as they didn't have our names on the list, which meant that our product wasn't displayed as it should of been. We left shortly after arriving. The most memorable moments of the whole day - girls with long armpit hair (eew!), yellowjackets swarming our cookies, and this:Azim was kind enough to change my flat tire.

However, we did have a chance to walk around, and here are some of the coolest pinatas I've ever seen.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Make the Dream Come True

Luke's mom had a dream that someone she knew had an apartment in NYC for us to stay in, for free, all bills paid, with lots of room and a place for our dog. She couldn't remember who the person was though. Is that you? If so, please leave a comment! We'll take it!


It's been a terribly long time since I've posted anything. No new pics at the moment, which is why anyone actually stops to check our blog. But, we are at Michelle's finally, temporarily settled in, before we have to move again. I hate the process of moving so much that it makes me wonder why we do it so often. I love unpacking and setting up a new home, but it's the packing and getting it there that is just terrible. And we always pick a time in the Texas summer to do it. Thankfully, the move to New York will be in the beginning of winter, which will be a balmy 70 degrees here in Texas, only to experience shocking cold when we arrive in the northeast. I'll have to pack a summer wardrobe and a winter wardrobe just for the drive!

We are so looking forward to finding our apartment in the city...that trip is just a couple weeks away now! I can hardly wait! I'd like to do a photo blog of some of the apartments we end up looking at, to show you all what you get for the money up there. Don't expect anything fancy!

Molly is currently residing at my parents' house in the country, where she runs through mud puddles and swims in ponds and terrorizes a horse. I'm so grateful to my parents for watching her for a couple of months, but we definitely miss our dog.

Work has really picked up at the bakery, which is good. We have a lot going on through the end of the month, with a huge festival this weekend plus a couple of catering events this weekend and next. And, I've got something going on just about everyday between now and our move in December. I can't think of a day off at all, except the occasional Sunday, which will hopefully be a true day of rest. I was complaining about being so busy lately, and Luke made the comment that I'm making up for lost time, trying to even out the score, since I went so long with very little to do each day. I enjoy the work - I'm just having trouble keeping everything straight in my mind and staying organized, because I just can't get my act together these days. It's hard living in limbo, with everything you own in storage.