Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Candids, or A Photo Dump of Random Moments

Avery was trying to save her spot on the couch 
You'll see that thumb-sucking is a theme....

meeting my newest nephew, Davey

buddy cousins

he looks as big as Aves


all the time...
I think we did this on her birthday - morning at the park followed by a trip to the library

sensor bar courtesy of Daddy

a Taylor Swift kind of day

The juxtaposition of her girly side and her need for comfort
just learning to sit here

outgrown the bouncer

the carpool line sucks 
my other babies never fell asleep on me by this age. i love this.

my work buddy

he was rooting for Baylor, most awful, terrifying game, and we pulled off the biggest comeback in history. it was INCREDIBLE

if it has ears, i'm going to buy it
Texans will understand how you can get away with an outfit like Avery's
their personalities to a T

at a wedding