Monday, February 18, 2013

Conversations with Avery

"I made the car go faster with my mouth yawn."

Eleanor took her shoes off, and I teased her that she should quit doing that because her feet are sweaty and it's hard to put shoes back on them. Avery: "She has Aunt Shell's sweaty feet!" (No, I don't think my sister has sweaty to weigh in Aunt Shell?)

While coloring one day, not wanting to stop, "I have to hurry and color before I pee in my panties."

Playing with a flashlight, shining on me: "What's inside your ears? I think it's just dust."

Upon me telling her she had to quit playing with stickers and get dressed for Bible study: "This is the WORST.DAY.EVER!" (while flinging herself down and burying her head into her arms)

"Daddy, maybe when you're big like me you can make Valentines too."

"I don't wanna live!" To which I had to explore further. Why? "Because I'm scared!" Turns out, she was saying "I don't want a live", NOT "I don't want to live". She had hit her head when running and thought that a live (pronounced LIV) was an object that I would put on her head, which terrified her.

"Avery, how did you sleep last night?"
"I slept left."

"Mommy, I'm sorry you yelled at me."

Last night in the tub, she did something mean to Eleanor, so Luke had her apologize to her little sister.
"Eleanor. Eleanor. Look in my eyes. Eleanor, look in my eyes. I'm sorry for being mean to you."