Monday, July 27, 2009

The Brightside Project

For those of you who don't know about this, please read closely. There are two fabulous women out in the blogosphere who make the day brighter for many people, by providing a chance to win fabulous goodies from a huge array of contributors. They give away a prize (or prizes) on a daily basis, and have been for a few months now. I won something a couple months ago, and lo and behold, I won something again this week! You should enter too!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 1/2 months

She had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, just for shots, but since it was her first time there, we got full stats and sat with the doctor for a bit. I love her new pediatrician!!

Avery is:
12 lbs 14 oz
24" long
50th percentile for weight
50th percentile for height

Here are some fun new photos.

Sitting in her new Bumbo.

Her Sip 'n See shower - a gorgeous quilt given by the lovely hosts. It came with a matching doll quilt and cradle, and Avery's first baby doll! She was Miss Grumpy Pants that day, and spent her time outside with Aunt Haley.

Ok, so I should have flipped the photo. This is how we found her after a nap one day. She's quite mobile!

Napping with her bear.

Favorite Tickle Game

Avery loves this - it makes her laugh so hard. Sometimes, if she's super squirmy, she'll get really still right before the "mouse" tickles her.

Tickle Game from Luke Presley on Vimeo.

She's Almost Got It

Avery is about to roll over...I'm predicting this weekend. She just can't quite get over that shoulder, and sometimes her top leg just can't get the momentum to swing over, but mostly, it's the shoulder. Once she figures it out, I'm really going to have to keep an eye on her!

Almost from Luke Presley on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slip 'n Slide

We had a 100 ft. slip 'n slide on the 4th, at our family reunion. This has become a tradition, and the guys always try to outslide each other. I love looking back on the photos because you can see the difference in technique. First up we have David, my brother:

Running start...

Nice wingspan...


Impressive air...
Flying (2nd run)


Next up is Luke:
The usual running start...

Crouching, instead of leaping

2nd run = better air, especially from the hair!

And slide!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Busy Summer

So much to catch up on! Avery went on her first road trip to New Orleans for her Uncle Aaron's wedding. She did so well on the long drive, sleeping most of the time, and I came prepared with a couple bottles so we didn't have to stop much. She partied all weekend and was just a peach - no fussing or complaining about the strange schedule she was required to keep.

Avery fell asleep at the rehearsal dinner, held at Emeril's Delmonico. Yum!!

The wedding was so much fun! We danced to an Elvis song all wearing Elvis wigs (pics to come of this hopefully), and then we had a Second Line, which is a parade through the city complete with brass band and police escorts. We were cheered on by hundreds of onlookers.

While in New Orleans, we enjoyed a very hot day in the French Quarter, partaking in beignets at Cafe du Monde.
Luke's mom and Grandma

Brother-in-law Errol and sweet Emily

Our niece Peyton munching on a beignet

Avery had milk, of course.

Luke's grandparents - aren't they cute?!

We also had a family reunion over the 4th, and of course Avery showed off her patriotism.

With my sister, Michelle. We missed you Bri!!
(More pics to come from the reunion weekend)

Avery turned 3 months old on July 2nd!! She is such a cute, squirmy little thing. She met sweet Katy at the reunion, born 3 weeks after her.

Baby legwarmers are all the rage.
We have a Sip-n-See shower this coming weekend for Avery, and then in 2 weeks we're headed to Austin for another wedding. Good times all around!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Per request, here is what I've purchased so far based on my lovely inspiration board. I took some liberties with some of the items, like a couple of the accessories because I either couldn't find them in the store, or I found something I liked better. For instance, the ring...I love how girlie this one is. The shorts...I own a few pairs of nice bermuda shorts, so I went for something a little more casual, in the cropped denim pair from the Gap. The purple shirt shown is the same style, but the wrong color purple from what I actually purchased in the store. Mine is a deep, rich, royal purple. Love it. I could still use some new sandals, and I saw some at Gap that I liked a lot, but they weren't on sale, so I'm waiting. I really like the dress from the inspiration board, but I need to make another trip out shopping, and that's hard to do these days.

**I did learn that the prices on Shopstyle aren't accurate - I found better deals in the stores, and the prices didn't always match up online. Weird.