Sunday, January 28, 2007

Great Day

After Friday's dullness, today was spectacular. Last night was the first night in a week where I slept the whole night, rather than waking up around 3 am for no good reason. Must have been stress. Then off to church without too much rushing...always a good sign for a pleasant morning. Ran into the couple we met last week, made a point to say hi to a couple we knew before attending this church, figured out which community group to go to, good sermon, met another random person (they all just love to say hi to you at this church if they don't recognize you - I love it!), ate a blueberry bagel. All in all, a pleasant morning. I conveniently didn't remind Luke that we were supposed to run today for our marathon training and took a short nap instead. Our community group met at 5 this evening, and it was so nice to have lengthy conversations with people at our new church. They're all families with young children, and it seems like most of the couples had/have careers before starting a family, so Luke and I are a bit younger and definitely at a different stage in our lives. But, we absolutely loved our time there tonight. We were really hoping to meet a couple our own age that we could get to know and be able to call up and go out with. I'm praying that God has that in mind for us here in Austin.

Then Luke and I spent some time at Barnes where he read a book and I copied recipes out of magazines (to avoid spending the money on them) - always a nice free date. Haha - our dates these days are inventions in budgeting - when we do go out, it has to be free. When we were dating and didn't have any responsibilities, we ate out all the time and went to movies. That was also in Waco, where a movie costs $5 (for students). Even our first year of marriage, we had the luxury of eating out. But this move to Austin - it's really taken a toll on finances, mostly due to rent, so we don't get out much, which is sad, since Austin is such a cool city. But, if the great employers of Austin feel the need to call me up for an interview soon, then things won't be quite as tight, and we'll be able to put nearly my whole salary into our house fund. Keep praying for me, that I'll find the right job soon.

Yay for an encouraging day, when life was starting to look a little dark. God knows just what we need, and doesn't deliver a moment too soon or a minute too late. My faith is definitely being tested and strengthened with this move. It's a hard process at times, but He is always faithful.

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