Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Love Free Stuff

Luke and I are on a tight budget these days (we are saving for a house), and so I have started looking for ways to entertain us for free. I have discovered the most amazing free things online today. My latest issue of Real Simple magazine has an article devoted to things you can get for free. I signed up for, which is the most amazing invention ever! Luke and I love to read, but the typical, full-price bookstores just aren't in our budget right now. But this site lets you sign up for free (really!), and then you can start trading books with others on the site. We were skeptical at first, thinking that no one would want the books we have to offer. However, after being a member for only an hour, I had 4 requests (out of the 10 books I posted), and all I have to do is pay the postage on mailing them. In exchange, I get a book for each book I send out. Incredible! You can even set up a wish list, and they notify you when that book becomes available.

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