Monday, September 24, 2007


Some random thoughts to entertain you:

1. Many of my friends are having babies this year, so babies are constantly on my mind. Luke and I aren't quite ready for babies yet, and after watching a couple episodes of Baby Story today, I might put it off even longer. That epidural needle is HUGE! And the alternative of no epidural doesn't sound too appealing either. I have ZERO pain tolerance. Thankfully, my best friend is having a baby in a few months, who also has zero pain tolerance, so if she can do it, then one day I can too.

2. Our house is a mess - most of our stuff is in storage. So glad that part of moving is over. But now we've got the task of packing or tossing the odds and ends left, plus extensive cleaning so we can get our deposit back. And, despite major attempts at decluttering and ridding myself of my packrat tendencies, I still am overwhelmed at how much stuff we have!!! Where does it come from?!

3. Luke and I do NOT work well together during moving. I'm too anal about where everything goes and how it gets there. I do not look forward to doing this again in two months. Maybe I'll just go away for the day, and come back when it's all loaded in the truck. Spa day anyone?

4. Flying to NYC in November to go apartment hunting. Yay!

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