Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our New Apartment in NYC

Luke and I just got back last night from our apartment hunting trip in NYC. We flew into the city Tuesday evening, and found our apartment after only one day of hunting,
which was such a huge relief. My feet thanked me as well.

We stayed with my friend Yen, who I've known since high school. She lives out in Brooklyn, and her apartment is amazing. Thanks Yen for letting us crash there!

We spent all day Wednesday looking around Brooklyn, and saw a couple really great places. One apartment was so amazing that I was ready to sign right then and there, but my husband in all his wisdom reminded me that the neighborhood had nothing to offer and that we should keep looking. So we met up with a gal from Redeemer PCA in Manhattan, who is subletting her apartment. We loved it, and more importantly we loved the location, so we took it. It's tiny...just a little studio, but the kitchen is separate and the bathroom is a decent size.

And here's Luke standing in the middle of the main room. Told you it was small. Note: it does extend more than what you can see here, but not by much. I'm glad we really love each other, otherwise this space wouldn't work for us for long!

We're already planning how we're going to arrange our furniture, and we made a trip to Ikea today to look at a wall storage system, which will really utilize the vertical space. Or, see page 238 of your latest Ikea catalog.

We still have some paperwork to complete, and because it is a co-op, there is an approval process that could take a couple weeks. Please pray that we won't have to fly back up there for an interview, as that wasn't really in our budget. Also, please pray that everything is approved quickly.

We do get to take our dog Molly! We're so excited about this, because we really didn't want to give her up.

More about the building - there is a laundry center in the basement, which means I don't have to trudge through sleet and snow to have clean clothes every week. Yay! There is also a live-in super, in case anything breaks, plus there is a bike room and extra storage if needed. Our building is in the most amazing location ever. We have a movie theater 30 seconds away, plus 2nd Avenue to our right has tons of amazing restaurants. 2 blocks north of us is the subway, a Trader Joe's, a cool looking grocery store that does free delivery plus we can order groceries online, Whole Foods, awesome shopping, etc. We found a great restaurant for falafel nearby, and we tried some yummy Korean food here.

On Thursday we met up with a friend of mine from Baylor. We met Lynn at Lombardi's, which has the most amazing pizza ever. From there, Luke went to do some work, and Lynn and I traveled up to Central Park to look at the changing leaves.

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