Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Like Home





We put pictures up in our hallway last night...made the place feel more homey, despite all of the boxes that are still around due to lack of shelving. I've really gotten into aviary decoration. Birds always look so pretty, and I found these prints on etsy. Okay, the birds that swarmed Baylor's campus every year weren't pretty, and neither was the mess they left behind on my car. But I love these prints! The frames are from Ikea.

Also, we took Molly on a 6 mile walk on Sunday after church. We live on the lower part of Manhattan, but we thought she might like Central Park, so we walked up and back. She's not the greatest dog on a leash - she tends to pull a lot, especially when other dogs are around. She's super friendly with other people, but she has to prove herself around other dogs and gets kind of mean. So, Luke had to pick up our 50 lb dog a few times to control her around the other dogs throughout the walk. It's quite funny to see a guy walking down the street with a huge dog in his arms - most people have their purse-sized pets in their arms instead, complete with frou-frou sweater.

Molly does not like horses - quite a few months ago, she was kicked in the face by my sister's horse due to Molly's antagonistic nature. My parents put an electric fence up, and she's more-or-less stayed away since being zapped by it. But she hasn't forgotten her dislike of horses, nor her need to "corral" them. Apparently, Sunday is prime horse-carriage day in Central Park, with a non-stop stream of people riding in these carriages. Horses were EVERYWHERE, and she went crazy. On high alert. We walk past this statue of a horse (mind you...it's plastic). She started attacking its ankles and barking and whining. Actually quite funny.

I had video of this, or thought I did, but it doesn't really show much in way of attacking the fake horse. Oh well.

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