Friday, January 18, 2008

Croquembouche, or Crack the Jaw

Poaching Austrian Cherry Dumplings

Chef's Croquembouche

Collection of croquembouches from the class, with Alain Silhac in the background. It's always exciting when he comes into the classroom, and today he was so impressed by our work that he sent a few of them down to be displayed at the restaurant.

My half-finished croquembouche - ran out of the choux puffs to taper it to the top.
So I creatively hid the hole with a bird's nest of sugar.

Chef liked it so much that he decided to add his own touch to my bird in a nest -
an egg fresh from our fridge.

I need to brag for a few minutes. Chef liked my sugar topper so much that he took it next door (with the egg in the middle of the nest) to show the pastry 2 class and chefs. He complimented me personally on the way out the door this afternoon and told the class that the next designs he makes professionally are going to include bird's nests...that's how excited he was about it. I'm so psyched!! This is a HUGE confidence booster, as Chef is somewhat reserved when handing out compliments of this nature.
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Kathy said...

Nice pants!

Kathy said...

Oh, nice pastries, too. Congrats on the compliment! See, you DO have what it takes.