Monday, January 28, 2008

I Love Puff Pastry So Much

Berry Galette

Palmiers - these are the best non-soft-and-chewy cookies I've ever had.

Poire aux Cage - or Caged Pear, but it sounds prettier in French.
I'm actually about to enjoy this right now, with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Mille-Feuilles (pr. Meal-Foy)
Chef Kir thought I did an excellent job on this one, and remarked how straight the sides were and how great my branding was. He even brough Chef C over to look at it. I love moments like these.
Chef Kir hard at work.
Pineapple Bar Tart - called so not because of the shape, but because Chef Alain (I think) loves it so much that he requested one always be kept at the bar.

It is always so hard to get moving on a Monday morning, and this morning I was running much later than usual (I'm so ready for Luke to come back and take over Molly morning business!). But, once I saw what we were making in class today (the berry galette and the caged pear, plus another yummy non-pictured item), I knew it was going to be a fun day. The pear looks like it would be incredibly hard to make, but we simply traced around a pear shape cardboard cutout, and the top was done using this tool that I now have to go buy because I love it so much. You just roll it right over the dough, and it cuts slits in it...when you gently stretch the dough, you get the lattice effect. The leaf I made freehand and attached it on there before baking.

Chef C was out sick today, so we had Chef Laurie again - she's always fun to have in the classroom...she's very patient and has a lot of good tips for us, plus she's young and fun. But, we have another test this Friday, so I'll be glad to have Chef C back, since he's the one who grades everything.

The weekend was fun - went to see 27 Dresses, which was cute, although the ending was kind of lame, went to the Brooklyn Brewery for a tour, but left pretty quickly because the place was nothing but a big frat party, and then off to Lobo for Tex-Mex (they've got the salsa right, but the cheese enchiladas need some work), and then dinner with another friend.

Just so you know, I'm now accepting care packages of mexican food, BlueBell ice cream (just about any flavor), Soraiya's french macaroons (any flavor) and/or her biscotti, Whataburger, Sonic cherry-limeades, Chick-fil-A (although rumor has it there is one hidden in an NYU dorm, so I'm going to find it soon), and anything else that Texas has to offer that New York doesn't.

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