Saturday, January 12, 2008

Molly rocks, the Japanese and counterpoint

One of our biggest concerns in New York is Molly's ability to make friends. On walks, she has been lunging and growling at dogs. Recently she's mostly quit growling but lunging is still a favorite behavior.

Well. Big news. I took her to the dog park today and, in spite of the lunging and in spite of the long time it took her to make peace with my in-law's dogs, she did great. Immediately, she was acting very friendly. It was all tail wagging and inappropriate sniffing. Huge weight off of our chests.

And for those of you who enjoy the antics of Japanese television, here's a clip. This show brings hopeful comedians on and subjects them to various trials and tribulations. There's no prize other than 15 minutes of televised exposure.

My previous post was about paranoia. I talked about the drastic reduction in violent crime. What didn't occur to me until someone brought it up via e-mail is that, despite the drastic reduction, there's still a 1 in 17 chance of an American getting robbed every year. That's a sobering statistic and I shouldn't have referenced it as flippantly as I did.

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