Thursday, February 21, 2008

Catching Up....

We had a real snowfall last week! Katy was trying to look miserable, since she's from Illinois and "hates" the snow. I however, couldn't stop beaming when I saw that it covered the ground.

Hours later, we have a couple inches on the ground.

Of course, while it was gloriously beautiful that day, it turned to slush the next day. Gray, watery ugliness, all over the streets of Manhattan. Thankfully I had my rain boots and could go trudging through the puddles on the way to school, but there was one that was so deep I thought it was going to overflow my boots - I should really pay more attention when I walk. I think I was trying to juggle my cup of coffee, my cake carrier, and my umbrella and just didn't look where I was stepping.

Also, I went to Texas for the long weekend (yay for Monday holidays from class on occasion!) and visited with the family. I have missed them so much! My plan was to head straight to Pappasito's for mexican food and margaritas right when I landed, but the plane was delayed 2 hours due to weather, so I didn't get in until midnight. So, it was Whataburger drive thru to have a yummy mustard burger, since those are non-existent in the northeast (and Whataburger is non-existent outside of Texas). Gotta love the fancy ketchup too! Made it to Pappasito's on Saturday and then to the grandparents' house to visit. Saw Luke's parents after church on Sunday, then up to Huntsville to see the little sis, mexican food for dinner as a bonus. The pictures below are of Mom and Dave's new house, which should be finished in the next couple of months or so.

Inside of the parents' new house - family room

Front of the house, with Coda in the yard.
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