Saturday, March 08, 2008

So Behind on Blogging!

View from home one morning

Cake exam - classic genoise (sponge) cake with raspberry jam filling
and raspberry buttercream.

The cake, upside down on the stairs. Thankfully it didn't happen before I was graded on it!

Olive Bread, or Pain de provence

Irish Soda Bread and Petit Pains

Frying up english muffins

English Muffins


Unbaked french macaroons

Sarah Bernhardts - quite an unattractive dessert, but oh so tasty

Almond Macaroons

Barquettes - they look like monster eyes!

Our first "tray up" of petit fours; Left to Right: financiers, cornmeal shortbread cookies, chocolate macaroons, tuiles, rum raisin cookies, barquettes with passion fruit curd and a blueberry, and gerbet (or french) macaroons

Opera Cake

Langues de chat (cat's tongue) - like the Pepperidge Farm milano cookies.

Coconut puff pastry petit fours (palmiers and sacrostans)

Lime Zest Madeleines

Products for our second tray up

Tray of petit fours; langues de chat, palmiers, opera cake, sacrostans, pineapple pate de fruits (pat duh fwee), madeleines

We've moved onto level 2 now and have completed our second unit on breads and are now on petit fours. I LOVE petit fours. They are all bite size and so cute, yet so bad because it's so easy to keep eating them.

I've also started an internship, under Chef Pichet Ong; I've been working 16 hour days and am utterly exhausted. I cut it back to just two nights a week, and am trying to be out by 10 pm each time I work. I was on the verge of falling asleep standing up during class, which was awful. I feel like I haven't talked to family in weeks or seen Luke much either. I hope that I start to learn more at the's not quite what I expected. There is a career fair in two weeks, so I'm hoping to get my resume out to a wide variety of places for other possible internships and/or jobs for after graduation. Luke and I would love to stay here, but we haven't decided on anything yet. We're just praying that the right job comes along for me, wherever it may be.

Nick and Michelle are on their way here right now! Their plane was rerouted due to weather, so they are stuck in DC for who knows how long. February and March are terrible months to travel to NYC. Since I have extra time now, I'm gonna run and do some organizing of the apartment.

Will post more later!

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