Saturday, April 19, 2008

She Works Hard for No Money

Started my internship at Bouley Bakery today - I'm exhausted. It was a good day overall, and I think it will turn out to be a great experience. I'll be in class all week, and then working all weekend as well. So - literally no more days off for me until graduation.

The weather in New York is perfect right now and has been for the past few days. It's in the 60s-70s everyday, with a cloudless sky, and all of the trees and flowers are blooming. People are out enjoying the sidewalk seating at restaurants, and everyone is just generally in a good mood. Yesterday afternoon I hung out with a gal from class and then we met up with some of her friends at this cute rooftop bar. It's days like yesterday that make it hard to think about leaving this city. Lots of decisions to make - I'd love to stay here for a little while longer, but at the same time it's so expensive, I miss my family, and I really want Mexican food. I guess it will just depend on job situations for the both of us at this point.

Had a fabulous week in class. Ron Ben-Israel, the go to guy for wedding and specialty cakes, came into class on Thursday and Friday. Look what he taught us to do!

Yes, I made all of those, and they are all made out of sugar. Powdered sugar at that. Amazing!! They dry out and harden, so they feel like porcelain. I loved making these so much that I would consider making cakes if it meant I got to do sugar paste flowers all the time.

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