Monday, June 23, 2008

Coney Island!

For those of you who don't know yet, we're moving back to Texas. We'll be there in a week, where we will spend time with family in Houston for the month of July, and then back to Austin for good.

We are now trying to do as much as possible in the next week, so that we get the full experience before we go back home. Our first adventure was to Coney Island...which is way at the other end of Brooklyn. The Mermaid Parade was being held on this particular Saturday, and I felt like I was back in Austin, except with a beach in the background. We had a ton of fun, ate an original Nathan's hot dog, watched crazies in their mermaid get-up, and rode the Cyclone. Yes, I rode a roller coaster. I still hate them, but it was fun.

Waiting in line at Nathan's for legendary hotdogs, trying to decide between the regular, the chilidog, the chili-cheese dog, or the corn dog.
Before getting onto the Cyclone, when I still thought it was a good idea. Click here to see how the ride went.

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