Monday, July 07, 2008

Denning Family Reunion

My parents' new house

Our 100 foot slip-n-slide. I have an enormous bruise on my hip and I feel like I cracked my ribs.

4th of July celebration

My lemon meringue pie - delicious!

Funny shots of Molly - Luke always manages to catch the best moments.

The reunion was tons of fun - we slipped and slided (or slid, whatever....), ate tons of food, and set off fireworks. We had to hose one off of the roof but managed to not have any accidents. Remarkable, since the guys love to aim them at the trees and each other.

Also - Luke and I found a house! We're just renting for now, until we decide what area of town we want to buy in. The house is just so darn cute! We'll post pics once we get moved in.

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