Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Baby, Baby

I had my doctor's appointment today! I'm officially at 10 weeks and 1 day, due March 29. Time has flown by since we found out about the baby, and we are so excited about meeting our first child. I was also relieved to see that I'm not ginormously huge either according to the scale. Everything has shifted, so I feel quite large since the pants are fitting differently. I was able to hear the heartbeat - fast and strong, and the nurse practitioner had no problem finding it. Our baby is hanging out near the surface, probably waving "Hi, Mom!"

Mom - that word has so much new meaning to me these days. It's very strange, because I've been using that word for 25 years (well, less than that, since I didn't come into this world speaking). I've always had a mom, but now I will be a mom. No, really I feel like I already am one, even though my baby has yet to grace this world. I smile when I think about the baby growing, knowing that even though I can't feel him or her yet, she's safe inside of me. I panic when I think about juggling work and a new baby. I pray constantly for the safety of our child and that Luke and I would be good, Godly parents to him.

I've been blessed so far with a morning-sickness-free 1st trimester. I had a couple weeks where it was a little rough, but thankfully it faded so that I was able to keep up with work, and apart from eating all of the time and not having much energy, I feel pretty good! A friend of mine sent me an article stating that the sicker you are during your pregnancy, the greater your chances of having a girl. So, we must be having a boy. But - my grandmother never had morning sickness, and she had 3 girls, so I'm holding out for a girl still. 

And yes, I did have a craving for pickles for about 4 days. 


Kim said...

We are so very excited for you and Luke (and extended family members, too!) and continue to pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy. We can't wait to meet your new little one!

Julie said...

Oh my gosh! Congrats! I hope all is going well.

jr&chels said...

Megan, I just found your blog via facebook... Congratulations!!! How exciting. And I see that y'all are back in Texas. Hope all is going well!
Chelsea Pershall (NR 1B 03-04)