Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I take the worst pictures. I laugh, I smile, I grimace - doesn't matter - they all look dumb. But, Luke managed to catch a couple cute belly pictures. This is me at 16 weeks.

Had my latest doc appointment this morning - everything is coming along well. Next month we find out if it's a boy or girl! Everyone keeps saying that we shouldn't find out what we're having, because "it's the last great surprise in life". Though that may be true, I'm too much of a planner to not know what I'm having. At least the first time around. Perhaps we'll keep the gender of the second baby a surprise. Besides, if you're in the camp of "don't find out", then don't ask what we're having. I won't tell you. It'll be a surprise to you.

Also, my cousin Talia just had her first baby - a beauty of a girl named Aubrina.Congrats Tal and Mark! You're going to be great parents. Can't wait to meet Aubrina!


Kathy said...

Carrying awfully low...might be a boy!

Kim said...

We just got home from dinner w/your mom and Dave. She told me you had posted a photo, so I came to see. Dave even tells us how many days!!!

(and I will probably ask!)

Talia said...

Hey! That was a nice surprise to scroll down and see Aubrina :) Your belly is too cute! I can't wait til you have your baby. Keep posting the belly pics, they're awesome!!