Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Countdown Begins

...or continues really. I've been counting down for months now. But! Only 8 more weeks until we meet our daughter. Some major changes are coming for our family, and it's exciting to see where God will lead us. We toured the hospital last Thursday, checking out labor and delivery and the fabulous new postpartum wing. I've been in major nesting mode and went through all of the papers that have been piling up in our house, tossing and shredding and filing. I've also started an updated address list so I can print out labels and stick them on birth announcement envelopes before I leave for the hospital. I'm ready to pack my hospital bag, but Luke says it's too early. So I wait, because I'd unpack it 20 times before then because it'll have something I want now. We've scheduled pediatrician consultations, and it's just a matter of hoping I have the evening off on those days, or else I have to reschedule them. Did you know they schedule a month out, and only in the evenings?! Geez. I hope it's not that hard to get appointments when our daughter is sick. The baby shower is in 3 weeks, with a friend's wedding the weekend before. February is filling up fast, because we're trying to cram as much in while I'm still feeling good, with what my schedule allows. Once March hits, we're bunkering down - no more out of town, although we've pretty much stopped that already. I'll have two weeks off of work before my due date, in hopes that it'll be enough time to get the house cleaned and in order before she arrives. My checklist was shrinking for awhile, but it's growing again! It happens at night when I can't fall asleep (which is almost every night now) - I keep tacking on things I want to get done.

So, off I go to try and check a couple things off the list before work tonight.

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