Tuesday, January 27, 2009


heartburn. the inability to breathe fully and deeply. active baby when i'm trying to go to sleep. swelling in my fingers. having to get up to pee 3 times a night. balance issues. not being able to carry heavy things, requiring more trips back and forth. having to eat tiny little meals all day long. people asking if i'm sure i'm not having twins, or triplets. being told how large i am every day. forgetfulness. lost ability to count. itchy skin. gas. restless legs. waddling. needles. weird dreams.

God's blessing. feeling the baby move for the first time. learning that we're having a girl. the realization that i'll be "mom" and he'll be "dad". hearing the heart beat for the first time. increased metabolism. calling it a craving makes it okay to eat ice cream every night. foot and back massages. tiny little clothes. nesting. reading to her and playing music for her. seeing the joy on other family members' faces. praying for her. the automatic bond between all pregnant women. not being pregnant in the middle of the summer. anticipation and eagerness. long talks at night with the hubby about our daughter.

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Talia said...

That's so funny. People always asked me if I was having twins too. It was about 32 weeks for me also when people started asking "Are you having a baby today?" I thought that was funny, but depressing at the same time. Hang in there - everything is SOOOO worth it!!