Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Baby Girl

We had our last ultrasound today, which means you get to enjoy another video! She was quite sleepy this time, despite the handful of M&Ms I shoved in my mouth in the hopes of waking her up with sugar. The technician is quite good at belly jiggling, so we were able to get her to wake up a bit. First we confirmed that yes, she's definitely a girl, so no need to return any girl items I've bought already. Whew. She likes to keep her hands right by her face, which made it hard to really see her at first. At one point she had them clasped together right under her chin - precious. If you watch closely you can see her yawn hugely (around 1 min 45 sec), and then she keeps smacking her lips throughout the video. She started blinking as she woke up and you can see her stick her tongue out. Apparently, she has Luke's lips, and the cutest chubby cheeks ever.

Baby Toro at 34 weeks from Luke Presley on Vimeo.

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