Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Avery, Weeks 1 and 2, at Home

Here are some highlights from the past week - it's hard to believe she'll be 2 weeks old on Thursday and that we've been home for over a week now!!

She is the sweetest baby and Luke and I are loving our time with her. There are definitely moments where we wonder, "What in the world are we doing?", and Luke has walked in to see both Avery and I crying. We're still trying to get the hang of nursing, but overall that's going well. She loves bathtime, relaxing completely when I wash her hair.

She spends much of the day nestled in the corner of the couch napping, but today she spent some time in the swing and loved it!
One of my favorite pictures - I love how her little hand is tucked under her chin. It's also the only way her mouth stays shut.

Her hat was too big, and slipped down over her eyes during her nap. Ha!

I was so thankful for this, because I'm trying to keep her alert and happy during the day in hopes of better sleep at night, but when I hold her she wants to eat or sleep. I'm also thankful for help from the grammas the past 2 weeks. They have saved my sanity and been such a huge help!

Grandmommie and Avery, first week at home
Nana and Avery, yesterday

She has Daddy's cowlick.

A visit from our sweet friend Raine and her hubby Matthew (that's his arm), who brought us a delicious home-cooked meal.

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crystal said...

She is so stinking gorgeous! And I can't believe how big she is already. 2 weeks old!! I can't wait to hold her- sorry it has been such a delay in my coming. Not by my choice, trust me! :) She is BEAUTIFUL!