Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Avery Updates and Father's Day

I can't believe Avery is almost 3 months old! She is growing so fast, and we notice new developments everyday. She's been laughing more this week, and her Aunt Haley discovered that she's quite ticklish. She holds her head up so well and her legs are amazingly strong - they never stop moving and she stands up when I sling her now.

She graduated to the big girl tub, no longer using the infant hammock in her baby bathtub.

She talks to the bumblebee hanging off of her play gym all of the time, and she carries on conversations with me while I'm nursing. She'll stop eating for a few minutes to tell me a long story, and then she'll resume eating. So funny!

We also celebrated Father's Day this weekend; we grilled steaks and chicken at his parents' house Sunday afternoon, and then we met my family for dinner Sunday evening. I was bad about taking pictures, but here are a couple from dinner.

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