Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 1/2 months

She had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, just for shots, but since it was her first time there, we got full stats and sat with the doctor for a bit. I love her new pediatrician!!

Avery is:
12 lbs 14 oz
24" long
50th percentile for weight
50th percentile for height

Here are some fun new photos.

Sitting in her new Bumbo.

Her Sip 'n See shower - a gorgeous quilt given by the lovely hosts. It came with a matching doll quilt and cradle, and Avery's first baby doll! She was Miss Grumpy Pants that day, and spent her time outside with Aunt Haley.

Ok, so I should have flipped the photo. This is how we found her after a nap one day. She's quite mobile!

Napping with her bear.

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Maegan said...

so cute! I love pictures of sleeping babies....just so sweet.