Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Avery at 6 Months

Our sweet baby turned 6 months old on the 2nd. I'm not sure when she transitioned from "newborn" to "baby"; she is just so expressive and her personality shines through. I'm loving this time - the interactive playtime - where I can do something and she'll respond with a smile or a laugh or mimic a sound I make. Her newest sound is a clicking of the tongue. She's been sitting on her own for a few weeks now, and is scooting all over the place, although she only manages to push herself backwards.

We took her to my sister's choir concert last week, which Avery loved...she bounced and "sang" along with the students.

In the world of solid eating, we've moved onto squash, though I'm not so sure that one sits well with her. It's hard to tell because she's so easily affected by what I eat, so it might have been something in my diet instead. I've given the squash a break for a few days, and we'll try it again later this week. In the meantime, she's loving her peas. I've also explored making baby food for her, and I have freezer bags full of carrots, butternut squash, and apples, all pureed up and put into ice cube form.

Her stats from her doctor visit last week:
15 lb 4 oz (50th%)
27 inches (75-90th%)

The nurse weighed her and said "Great, she's 25-14", and I nodded and we moved back into the room. But I sat there, thinking this over, and started getting nervous. 25 lbs 14 oz?! What?! This can't be right...surely this is a mistake. No wonder she's so hard to carry around in the carseat. I mean, no one has ever put a baby on a diet, but I'll have to be the first! The nurse then popped her head back into the room...I'm sorry, she says, I think I said 25 -14, I meant 15-4. HUGE sigh of relief on my part.

I'm also attempting to teach her some signs, like Eat, Milk, Mama, Daddy, and Bath. We'll see if this works out - I hope so, because I can see how useful it would be, but we'll see if she starts to pick up on these signs, and then try some others.

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