Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cutie Pie

We have a crawler! She'll make it a few steps before resorting back to the army crawl, which is faster for her. She loves to stand and we find her trying to pull herself up on whatever she can get a good hold of. Once standing, she'll stay there and bounce for about 20 minutes, or until she loses balance or lets go. She switches hands and waves with one while balancing with the other. The other day she even took a few steps while holding onto the coffee table as she tried to get the remote. She seems to be hitting milestones at a rapid pace this month, after taking her sweet time with everything for so long.

She also has a cold this week and is so grumpy. We missed playgroup this morning because she seemed to be feeling worse. Her naps have been short little catnaps all day, and she just seems so unhappy. I feel so bad for her.

But check out this cute face she's making now.

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Maegan said...

So cute! I love the face. Kyrie did the army crawl for MONTHS. She really didn't crawl crawl for very long at all before she started walking. The army crawl was just so much faster.