Friday, January 01, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Family tradition - new pj's every Christmas Eve, so that we all look good for pictures the next morning.

Avery picked up baby Jesus from her nativity set...went for this one out of all of the pieces...

and decided he looked tasty...

then threw him on the floor

at least he landed right side up.

Can you see the pure joy on this man's face? I HATE this t-shirt. My sister got it for him. He'd been wanting it for so long, thinking it was the funniest shirt ever.

Avery's stocking that I made for her. It'll be a long time before I make another one.

Avery delivered a wagon to Grandmommy, for GM's garden. Now Avery can help with the gardening.

The family at Christmas brunch.

New Year's Eve was low-key...we had a photo shoot down at my sis-in-law's studio for Avery's 9 month pics, then off to Niko Niko's for some super yummy Greek food. Then we headed back home, where Avery went promptly to bed and I only lasted til about 11:30 - long enough to see the ball drop in NYC and drag myself to bed. Wasn't feeling so hot, so I greeted 2010 this morning instead of at midnight.


Maegan said...

Love all the pictures. That stocking is amazing! I still haven't made stockings for any of us! How long did that take you?

Meghann said...

Thanks! I bought the kit for it in October, and finished it two days before Christmas. I worked on it pretty sporadically the first month I had it, and then really charged ahead at Thanksgiving. I hope it stays together over the years. :)

diane said...

That is a cute stocking, I had planned on making all of us new stockings for this year, so I gave away our old ones...what was I thinking. Sure, I will have a baby in November, start and complete all of our shopping and gift making and make us all new stockings before Christmas.

Cute shirt in the photo where you are feeding Avery her bottle. Can you share where you found it. I am in the nothing fits me, nursing mom wants to look cute stage and I could use some help.