Monday, March 22, 2010

Girls' Weekend 2010

Sometimes you just need to get away for awhile and relax in the bright sunshiney-ness of God's creation. 

Avery and I were blessed with a spontaneous trip to Port Aransas with my dear friend Crystal and one of her precious babies. Good talks, lots of laughter, relaxing, eating, and being able to spend some uninterrupted time in the Word made for a very good couple of days. This was also Aves' first trip to the beach, and I think she loved it.

Analise sporting some stylish duds and preparing for a nap on the beach.

Please notice the puff cereal stuck to her swimsuit, by the flower. We don't leave home without those. 

Once the puffs were gone, Avery switched to eating sand. Not just one bite, but multiple bites. Instead of stopping her, I took pictures. Mom of the Year? Probably not.

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