Saturday, March 27, 2010

Party Planning

You should see my kitchen table tonight. There is glitter and paper and glue stick smears and hot glue strings everywhere. Rhinestones and needles and thread and ribbons. All to produce this lovely:

 Many thanks to my hubby for 1. modeling with the banner and 2. smiling for the picture finally

I've been diligently, slowly, over-meticulously (is that a word?) planning Avery's first birthday party. She won't remember it, but I will, as well as the 35 other family members coming to it (or at least I hope they do). Really, I blame all of this attention to detail on my mother. You should see her when she plans weddings. I'm just getting lots of practice in now before I help plan my daughter's (or plural) wedding(s) [plural on the daughters, not the number of weddings per daughter]. Did I just confuse you?

The banner is just a little preview for you of what's to come! I've got a whole lineup of desserts planned for the party, lots of flowers and pompoms and pretty little things for the prettiest little gal around.

And I can't take credit for the creativity behind this birthday sign...inspiration found here at my new favorite blog, Style Me Pretty. If you haven't checked this site out, go NOW. It's amazing, and I find all kinds of ideas on here that could be used for birthdays and baby showers and bridal showers.

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those party sites are so addicting!