Friday, April 30, 2010

In Another Life

Today I threw out a large stack of papers. Not a big deal, right? I throw paper out everyday. Luke would argue that I should throw more paper out. But most papers don't give me a sense of nostalgia, not like these did. These were all of the important notes I saved from college (yes, I still had those!) - the ones that I would use when I went back and got my RD (registered dietitian). Basic Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Clinical Nutrition, Food Science, Biochem of Nutrition, the list goes on. I think getting rid of them really made me see that the door is closed. It was closed a long time ago. Much by my own decisions. But it still stings a little.

See that tiny stack on the left? That's the food science section...notes that are pertinent to my baking and that will probably get tossed out in another 5 years.

I'm feeling a sense of loss with this, a sort of identity crisis. Life has gone down a very different path than I thought it would as I walked across that stage at Baylor graduation. It's been a very enjoyable journey, and I'm happy where I've ended up. But sometimes I wonder what if I had pursued the clinical side of food? And really, it stems back to the wonky system in which they place people into dietetic programs. When you get cross-cut from the system, it kinda screws with your plans. So I floundered for a few years, decided not to try again, did culinary school instead. LOVED IT. Most fun I've ever had. Never had as much fun studying biochemistry. I didn't really like the hospital visits and trips to the nursing home. Nutrition research - highly interesting field, learned a lot, great experiences, not for me. Counseling in nutrition was better, but only when you got those people who really got it, who really understood what kind of changes were needed to make their lives healthier. Apparently I just prefer dessert and those that like dessert. But at least I can tell them why they shouldn't eat that extra cupcake and should just stop at one (okay, maybe two).

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