Saturday, July 10, 2010

Berry Pickin' Time!

There is this great little orchard down the road from my parents' house, owned by the Renaissance Festival guy, and we try to make it out there during the blueberry season. It's easy to go overboard and spend $20 or 30 on blueberries, but they are so plump and delicious and they all get devoured so quickly that it's worth it.

Avery had a blast walking all over the orchard, and once I gave her one blueberry, she recognized it and helped herself to them all along the way. And no, she didn't figure out to pull the plump ripe ones off the bushes...she shoveled the squished and sandy berries into her mouth like they were going out of style. She may have eaten an ant or two. I just try not to think about it.

You'll also notice a common theme in the photos - she is always holding keys. They are her new favorite toy. And she knows where I keep them, so she'll go up to the basket and bounce and say "keys, keys". So cute! But I wish she didn't know how to push the panic button on the clicker. My car alarm keeps going off. I'm sure the neighbors are thrilled about this.

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EMU said...

Hilarious about the panic button! DAU is all about my keys too. Looks like y'all had fun!