Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Girl

She has a new pool, although I wouldn't call it a swimming pool. She can't even really wade in it. It's more of a splash pool. Or a crawl-in-and-out-of pool. Some days we just don't want to fight the crowds at the big pool.

She also signed "eat" for the first time on Tuesday. Victory!

We were listening to the radio yesterday morning on the way to Bible study, and the dj kept saying the word "Wow". From the backseat came this little voice repeating it. I looked back and she was grinning, like she was just so tickled with herself. So that is this week's word.

I love that we have new words showing up every few days.

Little things like this always make me feel so blessed to have her, so thankful to God for this gift, and a reminder that I should always cherish it.

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