Thursday, August 12, 2010

16 Months

Favorite foods: blueberries, string cheese, quesadillas, green veggies over any other kind, yogurt, bananas, sandwiches, anything I'm eating, scrambled eggs, spaghetti, pizza. It's been a challenge getting her to eat the past couple months.
Favorite game - Ring around the rosy...she even knows when to fall down, and wants to play this over and over and over and over and....
Words - banana, lovey, strawby (strawberry), hi, bye, oooohhhh (when she discovers something neat), knock knock (while knocking), who's there (we think), mommy, daddy, nigh-nigh, doggie woof-woof and a few others I'm forgetting
Knows where her eye, nose, mouth, hair, and food are. Sometimes gets the bellybutton.
Signs more, milk, all done. Working on please, thank you, yes, eat, hungry.
Loves phones and holds them up to her ear and talks into them. Sometimes she holds other objects up to her ear and talks into them.
Has been holding objects up to her eye lately, like toothpaste tubes. I don't know what this means.
Gives high-fives and sometimes says "yeah" after them.
Has started throwing tantrums. This has been really difficult for us. They don't last long, thankfully.
Is much more cuddly.
Walks backwards, usually to sit down on something. 
While falling asleep, she sucks her pointer finger and runs her hand along her lovey.
She repeated her name clearly just the other day, and then I asked who I was, and she said clear as a bell, "Mommy." Ha! Love this girl.


EMU said...

I LOVE those bath pictures of her, especially the first one. So cute! :)

Julie said...

Those pictures are really good! Tehy look like professional quality...and it doesn't hurt you have a cutie as the subject :)

Meghann said...

Ah, thanks ladies!! It helps to use a good camera once in awhile! Most of my pics are taken with my little point-n-shoot, but once in awhile I get to borrow my parents nice camera. I keep thinking the first pic looks like an ad for Kohler or some other bath company.

Maegan said...

LOVE the bathtub pictures too!