Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sic' Em (Future) Bears

Avery and I traveled up to the Dallas area to visit my college roommate and her family. They just moved back to Texas from North Carolina, and we're so glad to have them here finally! They moved into this house and 3 days later she gave birth to Eli! I don't think life has slowed down for them since then. It's crazy to think that I've known Amanda for 10 years, and now we're having babies. We reminisced about the good ol' days at Baylor while refereeing the toddlers and cuddling with her 5-week-old Eli. We're looking forward to many more visits with them!
she thought this giraffe comb was awesome

and Jake's chair - they fought over it
so we brought out the portable high chair, and they were friends again
we went to the park, and Jake showed me how the gears worked
while Aves preferred to go  up and down the step
we loved on baby Eli
Jake gave him kisses
the only pic of me during the whole week, taken by Jake (not bad for a 2 year old!)
and Amanda - so great to see her!! It's been over 2 years.
Poor Jake isn't used to sensitive little girls...he's used to wrestling with his boy cousins. Avery isn't used to little boys and would cry if Jake even looked at her funny. Those two kids wore me out! But, they had a blast together for the most part, and Jake taught Avery how to run around the house in circles, which she LOVED. We never got a group picture...just too busy playing and catching up. Love you guys!

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