Saturday, September 04, 2010

17 Months

Avery turned 17 months old this week. This has been my favorite age so far, from about 15 months to now, but especially this past month. She is talking and signing and trying to make us laugh on purpose. I love that she's understanding humor now.

We're transitioning to one nap a day now, as of this past week. Honestly, I thought I'd be sad to see that morning nap go, but I actually get more done now, because errands aren't limited to a two-hour time frame, and we're able to make more plans with friends in the morning finally. She's been happy all week, eager to play games with me and then entertain herself in her room a lot. I frequently find her reading to herself or playing with her baby.

Some new things:
  • She loves to bring her baby to me, to show her off, and then she gives her baby a kiss.
  • She pushes her baby in the stroller, but more often she will push other toys, her lovey, her cup, whatever she pulls from the dishwasher....
  • New words: no, break-fuss (breakfast), thank you, uh-oh (sometimes), bye daddy, hi daddy, cheese, be-beeee (baby)
  • New signs: thank you, eat
  • Dances in circles when music is playing
  • Brings her shoes to me and sits in my lap when she wants to go outside
  • Gets all kinds of crazy excited when Daddy comes home from work. She hears the beep when the door opens and comes RUNNING. Or, I'll tell her Daddy is home, and she stops whatever she is doing and runs yelling Hi Daddy Hi Daddy Hi Daddy!
  • Is on a pea kick again - one night she asked for more peas six or seven times.
  • Visited friends in Dallas - her first extended visit with kids her own age
  • Loves loves loves real babies and very gently pats them on the head or hand
  • Daddy taught her how to wake Mommy up nicely, by stroking her hair, instead of hitting her face. And now Avery will come up and stroke my hair gently anytime I'm laying down. 
  • Favorite foods: goldfish crackers (she helps herself anytime she can snatch them from the pantry), cheese, eggs, toast with jam, berries, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, spaghetti, bites of my salads, loves to dip fish sticks in ketchup, peas, acorn squash, oatmeal, quesadillas. I wish she would eat more greens! We're working on that.
  • She loves to brush her teeth, and she'll say "ch, ch, ch, ch" (you know, the brushing sound!) so that I will hand her the toothbrush. 
  • Rode her first rollercoasters
  • Gives lots of kisses and hugs
  • Brings books to us so we can read them to her - today it was her Bible. Yay!
  • She loves bedtime prayers - she cuddles her lovey and smiles at me when I say amen. 
  • Throws water out of the bathtub, thanks to a fun new shovel. Time to teach her proper usage of it!
  • Learned how to climb off of couches and chairs, although still asks for help most of the time. 
  • Likes to put her sunglasses on by herself. 
  • Drags purses EVERYWHERE. She loves mine and will drag it all over the house.
  • Is a huge fan of showing off her bellybutton (her new body part) and will lift her shirt or dress anywhere, all the time, to get a laugh out of us. 
  • Knows eye, ear, nose, mouth, hair, head, where a hat goes, bellybutton, and just recently - chin. 
So many fun things about this girl! It keeps getting better and better. 

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