Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Fall Excitement

Once again, I'm a bad bad blogger and have failed to upload pics (or even take them). We celebrated the beginning of fall by visiting a pumpkin patch at the church nearby, where Avery ran around and touched every pumpkin possible. She tried to run off with a couple of them, but we left them there for other people.

We also celebrated the first fruits of our bell peppers. Our tomato plants are flourishing, but I need to get tomato cages pronto, because the weight of them is making the stems split without proper support. Oops!

We also spent a lot of time in bed due to colds - Luke never caught it, thank goodness, but Avery and I were out for almost a week.

We played a little game of peek-a-boo ("pee-bo"). Avery is so funny when she tries to play without a blanket to hide under - she likes to just poke her fingers in her eyes or ball her fists up, and she'll wait and wait and wait as long as she can before popping her eyes open.

And a little fall cleaning to get the season off to a good start.

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