Monday, January 03, 2011

21 Months

Avery is talking up a storm this month - we can barely keep up with her word discoveries. There is still a lot of babbling on her end, but we're trying our hardest to decipher it. We love all of the names she's given the family members, especially Aunt Bean and Aunt Dell (Bri and Shell), and we love that she points everyone out in photos. She is so polite and tells everyone "thank you" when they give her something, and "thank you?" when she wants something. "Help you" is another favorite - it means she wants us to help her with something. 

She dances constantly, to any kind of music. She claps along to songs, calls movies "moo-moos", and spends as much time as possible running around outside. She continues to be a picky eater, but if there is ketchup in sight, you can get just about anything down the gullet (not that I actually let her have ketchup with everything). 

She got a tee-pee for Christmas, and I caught Daddy sitting in it with her, playing dress-up. So cute!! I couldn't find the camera before she noticed me, but I'm determined to get a shot of this one day. 

She went through 2 solid weeks of fighting bedtime, and eventually nap-time. I feared that our perfect sleeper had officially left us. We spent some nights still hanging out with her close to midnight, and we were both a little grumpy over Christmas travels thanks to darling daughter's bad sleep habits. But, praise God, she's back to her normal self, much to our delight. 

I'm so glad to start a new year with this sweet, precious girl!

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