Tuesday, February 15, 2011

♥ Day

We kicked off our Valentine's season with some homemade cards for Nonnie and Nana - I hope they got them in the mail by now, or else this will ruin the surprise! Avery drew on her red construction paper with her crayons, and then I trimmed the design down into hearts, matted them with white paper, and let her add stickers at the end. We walked them to the mailbox together and she dropped them in.
her new face - wide eyed head tilt; coloring her valentines

On Saturday we were surprised by a knock on the door - it was flowers for Avery from D-dad! She loved them, but the monkey was more her style I think.
flowers from D-dad
she loves her new monkey
(why sideways?! ugh) Heart shaped chocolate and cherry scones for breakfast
On Monday I baked up a batch of scones as a special treat...everyone should start the day off with something sweet and chocolatey once in awhile! Too bad Avery wasn't into them, at least not until later that day.
she only had two bites...and we tried to convince her that it was a cookie
From there we headed to our MOPS Valentine's Day party, where they decorated bags for cards, had a lot of sugar, and played for a couple hours. Super easy to entertain them at this age!
MOPS playgroup Valentine's party - coloring their bags. I had to decorate Avery's...

...because she was eating noodles

inspecting her loot - hooray for candy!

"cheese!" We're missing a couple kiddos, including mine, b/c she won't pose on command

Dinner for my valentine
Luke and I ended the day with a quiet dinner at home. I recreated the butternut squash soup from South Congress Cafe, down to the grana padano cheese shavings and the sage brown butter. Oh, it was delicious. For dessert, homemade chocolate pudding while we watched a movie.

Normally, this isn't one of my top holidays, even with a special valentine of my own. But, we had the perfect day this year, and some of these little holidays are so fun when you see them through a child's eyes.

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