Sunday, June 05, 2011

Nesting and Other Symptoms

Last time I was pregnant, I was working full-time and rarely home, or when at home - I slept, non-stop, because of the hours and type of work I was doing (on my feet, all day, lifting, bending, carrying). The nesting instinct didn't seem to kick in like I thought it would. This time around I'm home with Avery, and I can finally see what nesting is really like. I have to say, it makes me do some very ODD things.

For instance, this weekend I tackled lots of items with a toothbrush. I sat down and scrubbed the one spot that is hard to clean in our shower. Luke is normally the one who takes over bathroom-cleaning duties when I'm pg, but he just misses some things, like the weird spot in the shower, or the dusty baseboards...things that drive me crazy to look at day in and day out.

I also pulled out the toothbrush to get rid of the spots on the (not-so) awesome rental carpet we're sporting these days. Now they're a weird bleached color thanks to the oxi-clean in the carpet cleaner, but it's better than before. I might need to negotiate a professional cleaning from the apartment office before the baby comes.

I organized the books on our shelf by color.

I sew like a madwoman some days.

I recruited my mom to help me move furniture in the kids' room, and our room is next in the line-up for reorganization.

I sit and stare at a spot for up to 10 minutes, trying to decide what (if anything) needs to be done to it. Nothing is safe.

I also find that projects are left half-done...I get the one thing most critical done, and then my energy peters out. Avery's room is reorganized, but her closet needs some maintenance, plus I have to make room for the baby clothes in her dresser. The spot in the shower is clean, but the rest of the shower missed this week's scheduled cleaning. I have half-finished sewing projects, with new ones being added. We cleared out a desk, but everything is sitting in a paper bag waiting for a new home. Dishes made it through the dishwasher, but anything hand-washed was left. Laundry was washed, but didn't make it to the dryer.

And, my brain function, it's slowing WAY down. I almost put a bag of tortilla chips in the fridge today. Avery wears fur-lined crocs in the 100 degree heat and I think it's a good idea, because they're quick to put on. I have a package to mail to someone, and it's 3 weeks late - I walk by it daily and the thought doesn't cross my mind to actually take it to the post office. I failed to notice that my shirt was completely see-through last week and went all day like that. I don't think I've brushed my hair in a week - it gets washed, it air dries, I leave it.

Let's hope that I get my act together sometime before the baby comes to finish things, and that I find my brain again for the safety of all my children.

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