Saturday, September 03, 2011

39 Weeks

  • One more week (or more, or less). I can't believe we're almost there! I spend so much of my time picturing labor and life after with two children, and it's all so exciting and scary.
  • I'm increasingly uncomfortable. The baby is sitting lower and lower and presses on all kinds of nerves still. But, I'm also struggling to breathe thanks to being so short - those little feet just press right up into the diaphragm.
  • While thrifting yesterday, one tactless Salvation Army employee saw my belly and exclaimed, "Whoa! Whoa. Whoa. You're really out there! How much longer do you have?" Polite conversation, smile, I move on. He is still staring at me and shaking his head and going "Whoa. Whoa. Whoa." And then, "My wife is due on the 22nd." More polite smiling on my part. And THEN, oh what comes next, "Is that one baby or two?!" after I had already tried to walk away from him twice. I turned, stared at him, my jaw almost dropping, and could only sputter, "Thank you, thank you so much sir. That just makes me feel...." and I just had to walk away. I get it, the belly is large, many people are just polite when they say I'm tiny, and of course comments will come, but really, he made me feel like a whale and how could I possibly still walk? :)
  • We spent Friday evening walking around the Domain just for some exercise, with a small detour through Anthropologie just for browsing. Tomorrow's agenda is a movie and lots more walking. 
  • Avery is at my parents' house for the weekend. They called asking if they could take her, since Dave would be near Austin for work and could meet me, and it would give Luke and I a few days alone before this baby comes. We are so blessed to have such awesome family!
  • Since Avery is gone, this is the perfect time to go into labor without worrying about having someone come fetch her so I can labor and not scare her. I'm praying that things kick into gear this weekend, and then Avery and my parents can head this way when it gets close to baby time. 
  • I'm frustrated that the storm activity went to Louisiana instead of Texas. I was hoping for rain and a really good low pressure system. 
  • Avery said she wants a baby girl today. That's her usual answer. I wonder if she'll get what she wants.
  • Luke is still holding on to the "right" to name the middle name. I love the girl name he picked. The boy name - I'm having to warm to it. At least it's just a middle name. 
  • I can just taste the dessert that will be mine soon.
  • I also still have to be mindful of the diabetic diet for 6 weeks after delivery. However, don't hesitate to bring brownies. I don't have to be perfect.
  • I've gained half the amount of weight this pregnancy as I did with Avery. Even though I complain about not getting sweets or as many carbs, I'm loving this way of eating and will probably continue with a modified form of it after the baby is born. 
  • I can still wear my wedding rings. Last time I had to buy a bigger fake ring so I wouldn't look like an unwed mother. 
  • I'm totally stealing EMU's format for pregnancy posts. Not everyone will know what I'm talking about, but she will!
  • My brain is functioning at about 20% capacity most days. It's a wonder I make it anywhere on time or alive sometimes. 
  • I cleaned like a madwoman today. Dusting. Scrubbing the kitchen counters. Dishes. Standing on chairs and vacuuming the cobwebs. Regular vacuuming. Loads of random laundry, like new diapers and all of the throw blankets and bedding. Rearranging furniture (well, supervising). I'm hoping this means labor is imminent.
  • Avery and I had an awful week. Not all of it, but it was definitely on the rougher end. It's been a hard summer with my bedrest and the extreme temperature, and she knows something is changing soon. 
  • However, despite our hard week, I am loving age 2. The precious meter goes through the roof sometimes. She is just too much fun these days, and so curious about everything!
Stay tuned for more baby news! Here's hoping he or she makes an appearance soon.


EMU said...

1. You look awesome! That guy just thought your belly looked so big because the rest of you is SO SMALL! Really, you look great!

2. Hah! I didn't even notice you were copying me!

3. Maybe I should try your pregnancy diet next go-round. Half the weight as last time? That's impressive!

4. Ooooh! All that cleaning does sound like the end is in sight. I'm hoping to clean this place from top to bottom this week, too!

Michelle said...

You look terrific! Hope the baby starts to get on the move soon!